• Where would Frank’s Enemy be nowadays without Curtis Dewar to ply new tunes out of me?



  • The one problem is I didn’t have a song written other than a few lyrics, and I had five days to deliver.
  • The current events of the week provided some bitter inspiration on the lyric front.
  • As I was figuring the lyrics out, I fired up my Macbook, picked a tempo, fiddled out a synth hook on the keypad, and assembled the drums around it until the structure materialized.
  • I organized the lyrics and screamed them into the laptop’s built-in mic, with the fuzz effect on, in the midst of my kids creating their usual chaos. Added some BGVs with pitch shifting (actually sung, too)
  • After all that came the guitars, feeding back through my little rinky dink computer speaker. Some pitch-shifted leads with feedback. Then distorted subsonic bass.
  • Then the edit and mix. Ultra heavy gating on the vocals, with autotuning on. I hate my voice so much, I’d do anything to obliterate it. Then mastering, and off to Curtis, seconds before after midnight Friday, July 22.

Capture 3


I'm the $$@??** that named you Frank.